Ticket Information

City of Memphis police officers issue three different types of tickets: citations, summons, and ordinances.

A citation is a parking ticket that should be paid or placed on the court docket for a hearing with 15 days after issuance.  After the 15 day grace period any vehicle that has three or more unpaid citations issued against it is subject to booting, towing, and/or impoundment until all the tickets (citations and summons) are paid for that vehicle.  As of January 1, 2012 late fees have been assessed on unpaid citations.  Any citation ticket unpaid 60 days after the issue date will incur a $20.00 late fee. If the ticket remains unpaid 90 days after the issue date it will incur an additional $40.00 late fee for a total of $60.00 in late fees as of the 90th day.

A summons is a ticket issued by an officer to a violator, signed by the violator.  Unless the ticket is marked mandatory, it is payable for the first 15 days after receipt.  I the ticket is not paid within 15 days after receipt, the violator must appear in court on the scheduled court date on the bottom of the ticket and additional costs may be assessed.  Failure to pay within 15 days or appear in court will result in a default judgment being taken against the violator.  Failure to pay a default judgment within 30 days may result in the suspension of the violator’s driver’s license.  Ticket prices may be obtained by calling the Traffic Violations Bureau at (901) 636-3450, by email at TVB@memphistn.gov, or by clicking on Ticket Prices.

An ordinance summons is a ticket issued for ordinance violations other than traffic offenses and requires a mandatory court appearance.


The City of Memphis has adopted regulations for the automated enforcement of Memphis Traffic Control Photographic System Ordinance.  Accordingly, pursuant to the terms of Ordinance 5108, the Memphis Traffic Violations Bureau is authorized to install and operate an Automated Red Light Enforcement System with the City for the purpose of enforcing traffic control signal regulations.

Failure to respond to the original notice will result in a $45.00 late fee applied to your original amount due.  For more information go to www.violationinfo.com/

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