Speed Bump Request
Let us know if you are concerned that there may be a speeding problem or too much cut-through, non-neighborhood traffic on your local residential street. Since there are some criteria that must be met, let us do the evaluation so we can determine if your street is eligible for the installation of speed humps.

It’s Simple! You can make a request online by visiting http://www.memphistn.gov/residents/311landingpage.aspx and providing the following information.
" Name
" Address
" Telephone
" Email address
" Street segment to be considered for speed humps (street between __ and __)

If you prefer, you can download a request form and mail your request to:
Traffic Engineering
City Hall
125 N. Main Street, Room 668
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

You WILL be contacted by email or mail to confirm that your request has been received. To learn more about the speed hump program and some of the requirements, please read the following sections.

Speed Hump Request Procedures
  • Identify the specific street segment of concern such as X Street between Y Street and Z Street. It is better to identify a specific street where there is a concern as opposed to requesting a speed hump study for every street in a neighborhood.
  • It is desirable that a request for a speed hump study be from a neighborhood association or group. However, if one does not exist, requests for a study will be accepted from individuals.
  • All requests for speed hump studies will be addressed in the order they are received.
  • Street segments that do not meet the criteria contained in the Speed Hump Installation Policy will be rejected. Rejected street segments are not eligible for reapplication for a period of 2 years from rejection date. Street segments that do meet the criteria must be approved by at least 75 percent of the residences within an identified impact area. Approved street segments that do meet the criteria will be placed on a list for the installation of speed humps. The speed humps will be installed as funding is available.

    Speed Hump Criteria
    Streets should be no wider than 40 feet (curb-to-curb) with a speed limit of 30 mph or less. Any street without a posted speed limit sign has a regulatory speed limit of 30 mph. Streets must be approved by the fire department prior to the installation of speed humps.

    Project Approval Criteria
    Speed hump projects will be evaluated on the basis of existing speeds and volumes. Once a speed hump request has been evaluated and determined to meet the City' s criteria, the request will be ranked according to the date a verification statement endorsing the speed humps is received from the neighborhood association, organization, or individual. For a street to be considered for speed humps, Condition 1 (Speed) and Condition 2 (Volume) must be met.

    Speed - Condition 1
    The speed criterion considers the difference between the posted (or regulatory) speed limit of 30 mph or less and the measured speed of vehicles over a 24-hour period. To be considered, the 85th percentile speed along the street must exceed the speed limit by at least five mph.

    Traffic Volume - Condition 2
    The 24-hour volumes (two-way) must exceed 600 vehicles or 60 vehicles during a single hour. The 24-hour volumes (two-way) shall not exceed 2,750 vehicles. Streets exceeding 2,750 vehicles are considered to be collector streets and not eligible for speed humps.

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