Executive Order High Standards
Order For Establishing Standards of Perfomance For an Open and Transparent Memphis City Government

On November 9, 2009, Mayor A C Wharton, Jr. signed Executive Order No. 01-2009, also known as the Mayor's Transparency Agenda. At the signing, Mayor Wharton stated:

"Beyond the job descriptions and responsibilities associated with our positions, we have upon our shoulders the weight of every citizen and their hope for a government that is evenhanded, accessible, and responsive to them and their needs. If indeed we, as officers in government, are defenders of the public's trust, it is upon us to ensure that our processes are open, our decisions are fair, and that our deliberations are aboveboard.

For this reason and in the spirit that has guided my political career, I am today signing an Executive Order establishing standards of performance that will make city government more open and transparent for the citizens it serves."

The Executive Order, titled "An Order For Establishing Standards of Performance For an Open and Transparent Memphis City Government" contains eleven directives applicable to all divisions and departments within the City of Memphis.

The full Executive order may be viewed Here, and relevant documents and forms may be viewed below.

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