Human Resources
HR Division
We are comprised of HR professionals dedicated to building an engaged workforce to make life better for all Memphians, every day.

Purpose Statement
To enable City of Memphis to be a 21st Century Model City.

Mission Statement
Attract, Develop, Equip and Retain Talent.

HR Division Services

The Human Resources Division consists of 6 strategic service areas: Talent Management, Employee Services, Wellness & Workplace Safety, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Compensation & Records Mgmt, an HR Technology. The important services provided by the division include:

Service Area Key Services
Talent Management Recruiting Employee and Management Development and Training Internships.
Employee Services Employee and Retiree Benefits and Pension Administration HR Business Partner Services
Wellness & Workplace Safety On-the-Job Injury Claim Administration Safety and Wellness Initiatives
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Diversity and Inclusion Programs MOU Administration Policy Development and Implementation Respect in the Workplace Investigations
Compensation and Records Mgmt Compensation Administration Job Classifications and Descriptions
HRIS Human Resource Technology Solutions (e.g. Performance Management Tools)

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