Permits Office
(Non-Construction Permits)

The Permits Office processes applications and collects payments of fees and taxes for the following permits and licenses as required by City Ordinance:

  • Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity for vehicles for hire companies and their operator. (Taxis, Limousines, shuttles, Para transit & horse carriages);
  • Wrecker and Towing companies and their drivers
  • On & Off premises beer sales;
  • Special Beer sales;
  • Liquor By the Ounce, (LBO);
  • Dance (compensated and regular);
  • Special Events, (public assemblies, parades, and street closures);
  • Adult Oriented Businesses and their employees;
  • Scrap Metal & Junk Dealers and their employees;
  • Scrap Tire Dealers and Haulers

Permits Lead Staff

Aubrey J. Howard
Permits Administrator
(901) 636-6711

Yolanda Fullilove
Permits Licenses Coordinator
(901) 636-6738

Officer G. Lake
Permits Inspector
(901) 636-6735

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