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To increase parking opportunities and provide an easier way to pay, new battery-powered – solar charged parking meters are being installed in downtown Memphis replacing the mechanical meters currently in use. New kiosks for multiple parking spaces and upgraded single space meters are expected to be in place in early December 2013.

The modern parking meters allow drivers to pay with a credit/debit card or coins only. The new meters do not make change or issue refunds. The new multi-space kiosks use "pay and display" technology. Users follow prompts on the terminal to purchase the amount of desired time, starting at 30 minutes. A receipt is printed for display on the parked vehicle's curbside dashboard.

The single space meters work just like the current meters, except they not only accept coins, but, now will also accept credit/debit cards. The new kiosks and meters are as easy to use as modern gas pumps or ATM's.


The City of Memphis is launching this new parking system with a goal of being more customer friendly and efficient. We will educate the community on this new technology and the benefits of using this new parking system. The City has purchased this system from PARKEON, who partnered with The IPS Group. It is expected that all the new equipment will be installed and operational by early December, 2013.

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image of parking meter in front of Orpheum
For more information contact City Traffic Engineering Office at 901-636-6710.

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The City is planning to install 135 multi-space kiosks and 485 single space meters to manage about 1,500 on-street parking spaces.

Parking fees and enforcement times remain the same at $1.00 per hour from 8 am to 6 pm Monday thru Friday. There is a minimum payment of 50 cents.


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