Pet Placement Partners


Guidelines for Memphis Animal Services Pet Placement Partners Program
Memphis Animal Services (M.A.S.) works with local and national Breed Placement groups. This qualification process is used in order to assure that groups are legitimate and have a responsible adoption philosophy.

Documentation Used in Qualification
The following items are to be submitted to Memphis Animal Services before being entered in the Pet Placement Partners Program:

A copy of the group's charter as a nonprofit organization.
A copy of the group's adoption guidelines and adoption contract.
A letter verifying that the group currently has a working relationship with a veterinarian.
A working valid phone number on file with Memphis Animal Services.
A list of all persons who are authorized to act as agents of the group.

General Rules for Breed Placement
An animal placed with a Pet Partner group will be committed to and/or removed from the Memphis Animal Services Center within 24 hours of completing sterilization surgery. The Pet Partner group is responsible for calling to verify that surgery has been completed. If the designated group does not pick-up an animal, Memphis Animal Services will make the judgment on final disposition of animal.

An animal placed with a Pet Partner group may not be returned to Memphis Animal Services Center unless there is a behavioral or medical reason verified by the M.A.S. staff veterinarian or with a letter of notification of reason by Pet Partner veterinarian.

If Memphis Animal Services has an available home on its list or a member of the public is interested in adopting the animal, Memphis Animal Services will adopt out the animal directly. If no home is available or a member of the public has not expressed an interest in the animal, only then will Memphis Animal Services contact a Pet Partner Group.

Memphis Animal Services may, at any reasonable time, inspect any Pet Partner facility for verification of compliance with guidelines and local laws.
Memphis Animal Services reserves the right, in the best interest of the animal, to refuse acceptance of a group into the Pet Partners Placement program and to discontinue association with any Pet Placement Partner.

Memphis Animal Services abides by local and state laws concerning the care of animals. As a Pet Placement Partner, you will be expected to comply with these laws as well. One of the main concerns for Memphis Animal Services is that our new ?partners? are not warehousing animals. Therefore, we are looking for adequate space for the animals housed at your facility with a separate quarantine area for new arrivals to be housed until a thorough determination of the animal?s health is obtained. Also, M.A.S. will examine proposed sites for proper air circulation, a healthy diet for all animals at your facility, and access to all records pertaining to other animals housed in your facility.

Individuals or Breed Placement Groups interested in participating in Memphis Animal Services' ?Pet Placement Partners? program must complete the following application with Memphis Animal Services. Individuals and Breed Placement Groups may be subject to annual or periodic recertification.

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