Rental of City Parks
Park Rentals - Usage Fees

Park Use Application

Reservations are available for park areas for any size event, if desired, but events with 75 participants or more are required to have a reservation. Some information is listed below, however, for additional information and park availability, please call 636-4200.

Large Events

For-Profit Charging an Entry Fee:     $1,500.00
For-Profit Without an Entry Fee:        $1,000.00
Non-Profit Charging an Entry Fee:   $   500.00
Non-Profit Without an Entry Fee:      $   250.00

Note: Non-profit organization must submit a copy of charter and a tax-exempt number prior to any dates being confirmed.

Park Rentals - Rules and Regulations.

Alcoholic Beverages in City Parks
Electric and Plumbing Services
Portable Restrooms
Security and/or Traffic Control
Special Event Permits

Alcoholic Beverages in City Parks
General Use - Family Picnics, Reunion or Regular Gatherings in Parks.
  • Section 23-85 of the City of Memphis Park Regulations prohibits anyone from selling, consuming, or possessing any beverage with alcoholic content in any of the public parks. See Park Regulations and Policies for more information.
  • A special use permit may be granted under limited circumstances.
  • Any lessee wishing to sell, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages in conjunction with their lease (permit) must gain approval of their petition from Park Services and the Alcohol Commission.
  • When approved, the Director of Park Services will provide lessee with a written document indicating to the Alcohol Commission that they have Park Services' approval.
  • A $50.00 fee per keg of beer sold at the festival will be paid to Park Services within thirty (30) days after the event

Electrical and Plumbing Services
  • It is the Lessee' responsibility to secure any electrical and plumbing services needed.
  • The Lessee should contact General Services, Manager of Property Maintenance, at 576-4776 with any questions.
  • Refer to Item #8 of the Terms and Conditions listed on the Park Use Agreement Application .

General Use: Family Picnics, Reunions or Regular Gatherings in Parks.
  • It is the responsibility of the group to take trash bags to the park and place all trash and debris generated by their event into those bags or park trash containers.
  • Park Operations' employees will remove these bags when placed into or by park trash containers.
Festival or Permit Issued
  • Groups who are issued permits shall leave the park free of all trash and debris generated by their event. All trash shall be sacked and placed by the trash containers. This is reasonable if the estimated group size less than 200 people.
  • Group size of 200 people or larger: The Lessee must provide and use dumpsters for excess trash during and following event. Or they may request that their vendors be responsible for removing their trash off the site during and following the event.
  • With an estimated group sized of 100 - 250 people, the litter deposit shall be $150.00.
    • Due 15 days prior to the event.
    • Lessee should write a separate check for the amount, payable to Park Services.
  • With an estimated group size of 250 people or more, the litter fee deposit shall be $1,500.00.
    • Due before the event.
    • Lessee should write a separate check for the amount, payable to Park Services.
  • Deposits are refundable if the park area and pavilion are free of all trash and debris.
  • Call Park Services at 575-4231 to verify that the Park was left free of all trash and debris generated by the event.

Portable Restrooms
General Use: Family reunions, picnics, or regular gathering in Parks.
  • Groups needing two or more portable restrooms should contact a waste company for rental. Lessee is responsible for these charges.
  • Lessee is responsible for rental of portable restrooms from a waste company.
  • Refer to Item #9 of the Terms and Conditions listed on the Park Use Agreement Application for more information.

Security and/or Traffic Control
Festivals or Special Events
  • Lessee is responsible for security and/or traffic control during the event.
  • Refer to Item #9 of the Terms and Conditions listed on the Park Use Agreement Application .
  • The Lessee must contact the Special Permit Office of the Memphis Police Department at 2714 Union Extended, Suite 200. Telephone number 901-636-6711.
  • All block parties, parades, walks, runs, street closures and public assemblies require a permit. These permits insure that traffic in the city remains safe. In most cases, the event qualifies as a public assembly.

  • If Lessee plans to set up tents for their events, they should call the Memphis and Shelby County Office of Construction Code Enforcement for permit

Special Event Permits
  • Outdoor Special Events and Promotions are required to obtain a limited use permit from The Office of Construction Code Enforcement.
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