Board Name:

Board NameDescriptionContact PersonPhone
Alcohol Commission The Alcohol Commission is charged with administering the laws relating to the sale of beer and approving retail liquor locations in the city. Meets every third and fourth Thursday of the month. Aubrey Howard 901-636-6711
Animal Shelter Advisory Board The animal shelter board shall have the power to make rules and regulations for the conduct of its business. Janet Hooks 901-636-6846
Beale Street Tourism Development Authority Beale Street Tourism Development Authority Paul Morris 901-575-0540
Citizen Law Enforcement Review Board The Citizen Law Enforcement Review Board's primary goal is to review grievances of citizens who have complaints against any member of the Memphis Police Department. Maya Siggers 901-636-6553
City Beautiful Commission The goal of Memphis City Beautiful Commission is to keep Memphis a beautiful, healthy and safe place to live. Memphis City Beautiful Commission, through public education, programs and services, works to engage individuals to take a greater responsibility for improving their community environments. Eldra White 901-522-1135
Civil Service Commission The Civil Service Commission conducts hearings to review disciplinary actions, limited to suspensions, dismissals, or demotions of any employees not exempted from the provisions of the Charter and Code. Quintin Robinson 901-576-6403
Downtown Memphis Commission To market and develop downtown Memphis. Paul Morris 901-575-0540
Economic Development Growth Engine of Memphis and Shelby County (EDGE) Economic Development Growth Engine of Memphis and Shelby County (EDGE) Reid Dulberger 901-341-2100
Fire Department Board of Appeals The Board is responsible for an appeal of any fire official's ruling, opinion or interpretation of the Fire Code and associated rules. Louis Hawthorne 901-320-5348
Health, Education & Housing Facility Board Health, Education & Housing Facility Board John L. Baker 901-527-6400
Local Workforce Investment Board To support workforce development that assist residents of Memphis, Shelby and Fayette counties through training to develop family-sustaining skills and to provide businesses with a skilled 21st century workforce. Kevin Woods 901-636-6812
Memphis & Shelby County Air Pollution Control Board To grant, deny, or revoke variance applications Jim Holt 901-544-7737
Memphis & Shelby County Airport Authority To operate the Memphis International Airport, Charles Baker, General Dewitt Spain Airports. tba 901-922-8000
Memphis & Shelby County Board of Adjustment The Memphis & Shelby County Board of Adjustment hears appeals from the administration of zoning laws adopted pursuant to the enabling legislation allowing the control of land uses. Josh Whitehead 901-576-6602
Memphis & Shelby County Board of Equalization   David Newsom 222-7300
Memphis & Shelby County Building Code Advisory Board General interpretations of the Building Code, but it shall not rule on specific cases which have already come under the jurisdiction of the board of appeals, consider the use of new materials or assemblies of materials and recommend inclusion in this code, consider changes in the Building Code, and act as a liaison between the Office of Construction Code Enforcement and the construction industry. Allen Medlock 901-222-7300
Memphis & Shelby County Center City Revenue Finance Corporation Board Authorized to acquire, own, lease and dispose of properties, primarily in the downtown area, in order to maintain and increase employment opportunities promoting industry, trade, commerce, tourism and recreation. Paul Morris 901-575-0540
Memphis & Shelby County Community Redevelopment Agency The enabling legislation of the Community Redevelopment Act of 1998 gave Memphis and Shelby County the exclusive authority to establish a Community Redevelopment Agency with all of the powers necessary to plan, finance and implement major redevelopment projects. The Community Redevelopment Agency was established for the purpose of improving the quality of life through the prevention and elimination of slum and blight and providing affordable housing for low to moderate-income families within Memphis and Shelby County. Josh Whitehead 901-576-6602
Memphis & Shelby County Cross Connection Board To assist the Plumbing Official, the Water Purveyor and the Health Officer in the enforcement of the Plumbing Code. The Tyler Zerwekh 901-544-7734
Memphis & Shelby County Downtown Parking Authority The mission of the Downtown Parking Authority is to use public parking as a catalyst for development, and to insure that there is an adequate supply of public parking to support a growing Downtown. The DPA establishes parking policies and coordinates parking management. Paul Morris 901-575-0540